By Bus Around The World: A Polish Duo Who Travel On Only $8 Per Day

People always talk about how travel plans fall through because of a lack of funds but Polish travel blogging duo Karol “Charlie” Lewandowski and Aleksandra “Alex” Ślusarczyk, with their travel blog venture ‘Busem Przez Świat‘ (By Bus Around The World), tell us that travelling is the least expensive way of life, contrary to popular belief.

Their travel blog was voted the best travel blog in Poland and together, they’ve traveled 50 countries on 5 continents in the past 6 years while making sure that they spend no more than $8 a day! Their easy-come-easy-go attitude and self-reliant means of travel make extravagant hotels and resorts seem less like a dream and open our eyes to a new approach to travelling.

Here are some tips they’ve shared that make their low budget travelling possible.

1. Travel In Your Bedroom

No, not literally! (How cool would that be though?)

It’s best to invest in a van with comfortable interiors or an RV that cuts the cost of housing and also the dependence on transport services. Which means that you get to move about however and whenever strikes your fancy!


They purchased a secondhand Volkswagen for $600 and converted it into a travel bus which is their primary mode of transport. It also happens to be their accommodation as they don’t spend money on hotel rooms or B&Bs though they occasionally crash at the homes of people they meet in their travels.


2. Cook For Yourself

Well this may not be on everyone’s agenda, but the cheapest option is to cook and store your own food! Instead of buying food from restaurants which is pricey (and also unhealthy when consumed on a daily basis). You can always keep a tiny refrigerator and induction stove to cook on the go.


And if you really don’t like the idea of doing the dishes, it is recommended that you find restaurants of the local cuisine that are authentic and cheap instead of settling for big places that are meant to attract tourists. These places tend to be more expensive and don’t offer you the most raw essence of a destination.


3. Travel With Friends

It’s always great to be around like-minded people you can trust but travelling with them is another experience altogether. It’s also a great way to save money on fuel, on food and on every other thing that can be shared!


Charlie and Alex almost always have company in their travels! They drove as many as 15 people in the Sahara desert!


Costs aren’t the only thing that are shared. In the face of adversity, a group can better handle the situation. Oh and also, wonderful sweet memories that taste best when shared, those come in too when you’re with friends!

4. Write And Share Your Story

Blogs are the best way of creating an audience for travellers because of the fresh perspective that they provide readers with. It’s always great to share unique tips, hacks and guides after experiencing things first hand. Travel bloggers can attain a steady income by maintaining an interesting active blog that allows spaces for relevant advertising and attract sponsors which perpetuate their expeditions.


Charlie and Alex’s blog is a quintessential travel blog that’s always bursting with interesting photos, articles, guides, hacks and listicles for aspiring travellers to get inspired by.


They’ve also published three books in Polish on low budget travelling.


There are also several agencies and organisations that are willing to sponsor travels in exchange for endorsements.

5. Be Fearless, Be Prepared

Keeping your electronics fully charged, avoiding “tour guides” and scams, constant vigilance in crime prone areas and having a bit of courage to ask for help are all one needs to get around. And none of these things cost a dime.


In an article on their blog they said,

The truth is that if someone wants to travel, nothing stands in his way – lack of money, lack of companions or knowledge. And if we force ourselves to look for obstacles always find them.


Which just goes to show that surviving on $8 is not half as hard as one would imagine it to be.

So fuel up your tanks, pack your bags, phone a bunch of friends, we’re driving!

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